Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just when you thought..................

Ugh!! Just when you think there isn't much else to get messed up...your washing machine conks out!!GRRRRRRR!!! Not a good thing when you do approx 2-3 loads PER DAY!!!! ACK! Although I can't complain, it served it's duty well. We bought it brand new in '98 and haven't had any service or repairs done on it while we've owned it and it get used a LOT!!! The motor completely went in it, so we're just going to get a new one. It will be the same make (I Love my Kenmore!!!)no fancy front loaders here this time around!!! But, that's okay, I really do love my machine. Now, I'll just have to survive without a washer for a few days....EEEEEK!!!!! Especially since two wet the bed still!!! And wouldn't you know it, there isn't a Laundromat near here!!! Hopefully delivery won't take too long!!!

Why is it these things always happen when you just don't have the time or money for it?!?!? I guess I should be thankful it didn't happen when Matthew was born and I was in the process of washing a load of diapers!!!! EWWWWWW!!!! Thankfully, I was just doing a small load of Mariah's bedding because she had an accident last night, and it managed to get through it's wash cycle and die during the final spin AFTER rinsing and at least it let me drain the water out...whew!!!

I'm trying desperately hard to get in as much final cleaning as possible before I hit 36wks, although I think my family is falling off the 'clean sweep' bandwagon!!! Their motivation is really dwindling.....not that I can blame them!!!LOL This is the most disorganized I have ever been with an impending birth. Usually, I already have my bags packed and all the clothes washed and organized by size, along with the diapers and baby's bed all set up in our room....but NADA!! Nothing!!! Oh well, I'll get there, I still have to get some stuff as well. Even though I use the cloth diapers, I really like to have a couple packages of disposables on hand, as well as all that wonderful smelling baby bath stuff!!!

Well, not much else to report. Guess I'm officially on Laundry Vacation!!! (oh man, is that going to suck in a few days!!!)Have a blessed rest of your weekend and a blessed Lord's day!!!!


Misty said...

That stinks about the washing machine! I can't wait to see pictures of baby Matthew. Your belly is cute. You need another updated belly picture.

Sandra said...

Hi there, Penny! I'm sorry about the washing machine. I know all to well how going a few days without doing 2-3 loads/day will suck. I feel for you when the new machine comes in. I'd come over and help ya, if we didn't live SOOOOOOOOOOOO far I'll be praying about the financial situation. I am believing that God will, once again, bring you guys through this. He has never failed you yet and He never will. I wanted to ask you about your homeschooling...or more about the curriculum you are using. I am thinking(well, I have for years but I feel the Lord is leading me to do this in the next year) about homeschooling my girls, for various reasons. I am trying to find homeshcooling moms to talk to to see what curriculum they are using and why they like it. You can email me at or comment on my xanga site if you like. I would so appreciate it.


Sandra said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!!! A VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND MISS KAYLA TOO! I hope both of your days were special. I also celebrated my b'day last Saturday (16th).