Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two more sleeps!!!

and I will be sitting on the edge waiting for the phonecall!!LOL

Um, yeah, no baby Matthew yet!! Although, my body is showing me signs that it IS preparing itself, so I am anticipating a smooth induction and I'm praying for NO Pitocin....ideally it would be a blessing to in and have my water broke and then deliver drug free....but we'll see!!!

So, here's the plan, my sister is coming out tomorrow sometime and then will stay until I'm home with baby Matthew. This way, if for some odd reason I'm called in the morning on Tuesday, she's here already and Bill and I can leave right away. I highly doubt it will be early on Tuesday, most likely after supper or well into the evening.

I am soooooo excited and nervous and anxious...LOL!!!I cannot wait to meet my little Man!!

I am planning on doing one last belly pic tomorrow night (or tonight) for 40weeks, figure I might as well since I've never been 40weeks before!!!LOL I also did take some pics of the Christmas pillows we made the other day, so I will post those as well.

Back to the couch I go!!! Have a blessed Lord's day!!


Sandra said...

Won't be long now! I know you will be happy to have him in your arms and have your body back to normal. I remember how very uncomfortable those last weeks were.

The Mom said...

I'm so excited that you will be holding your baby soon! I can't wait to see Baby Matthew pictures.