Tuesday, February 06, 2007


That word pretty much sums it up around here, but the words BLECH, YECH could be used interchangeably.
Everyone is sick and grumpy, including this Mama. Alex and Robbie aren't too bad yet, but the others...whoa!
Poor Matthew is even sick, and he is NOT happy about it...I had forgotten how horrible it is to have a sick baby and trying to find a position to nurse him comfortably in. He absolutely hates having his nose suctioned (and rightly so!!) and screams his head off, poor little gaffer.
I have basically planted my butt on the couch as all the sickos just want to cuddle and cry and of course, smear snot on me!!LOL

My sickness is of course receiving no pity, which is the cost of being a sick Mama. Bill tries very hard to do what he can, but let's face it, the kiddies just want Mama. My living room now resembles one giant bed, thank the Lord for Xbox and DVD's and homemade chicken noodle soup...oh and herbal teas!!!(and dare I say Neo-Citron and Triaminic?!?!?LOL)

Well, duty calls, the coughing fits they have cause them to throw up (oh yeah, I get it ALL!!!) and I hear Mariah on the verge and Kayla starting up.....

Keep us in your prayers!!
God Bless,


noelle said...

Oh, Penny...that is nooooo fun! cyber hugs to you! This too shall pass.

The Mom said...

Ugh, I'm sorry you are going through this now. We had it last week, fevers, headaches, coughing, lots and lots of snot, and vomitting at the end of coughing fits. At one point Hanna was even at the hospital being diagnosed with RSV. We are much much better this week, and I hope your family is better soon too.

Sandra said...

Bless your heart, girl! I know you have your hands full. It's bad enough having sick kids but it's really bad to be sick along with them. I feel for you. I pray all of you are feeling better tonight.