Monday, February 26, 2007

Mother Gardenia and Son of a Flower

Two words I use to replace not-so-appropriate words that could be used to sum up this weekend. We have yet ANOTHER virus floating thru the house *BIG HUGE SIGH* it has hit Bill and Robbie so far for sure and I think it's a safe bet that Alex is next. Bill is the sickest so far, and my goodness, a sick husband is way worse than six sick kids combined!! Although, I do feel bad for him, he's been snezzing like crazy and I can tell he's in a lot of discomfort...BUT...I can't help but poke a bit of fun at him.*grin*

Bill and I went and got groceries after dinner on Friday night and he did very well and resisted the urge to run over any inoccent by standers!!LOL Although I think that was probably my fastest trip helps too that it was only a weeks worth of food..LOL!!! I managed to get the majority of laundry done as well, I just have a couple of regular loads left and two loads worth of towels..not too bad!!LOL
We didn't go to the indoor playground today, Bill was feeling to yucky to be able to handle playing with the kids there, not to mention the noise level!!LOL With Robbie coughing and hacking and all clogged up, I figured it wasn't the best place to be. So, we will probably go next week some time. It's a good thing we never did tell the kids anything!!

Here's a couple of meme's for fun!!
List 3 of each:

Pet Peeves:

people who don't clean up after themselves
people who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom
people who exagerate the truth

Favorite Sounds:

my kids giggling with each other
my husband saying "I love you"

Favorite Candy:

coca cola bottles
gummi bears

Biggest Fears:

something bad will happen to a family member

Biggest Challenges:

not following routine

Favorite Department Stores:

Old Navy
Value Village

Most Used Words:

"Stop it!!"
"get down from there!!"
"please leave your sister/brother alone"

Favorite Pizza Toppings:

black olives
green peppers

Favorite Cartoon Characters:

Little LuLu
Wilma Flintstone
Wylie Coyote

Movies Recently Watched:

The Illusionest
Fun with Dick and Jane

Favorite Fruits:

mandarin oranges

Favorite Vegetables:

brussles sprouts
Romaine lettuce

Have a blessed Monday!!!


amy said...

What a fun blog! I hope you and the family are feeling better soon. Its nice to see another black olive fan out there!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you should go back to your old plan of protecting your kids from germs at all costs!! :P Sorry to hear you've got sickies in the house again! Hope everyone's feeling better soon!
Take care,