Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday Already?!?!

I always have disliked the week after the time change, I feel like I am forever behind, even more so than I usually am. The weather has been just wonky as well, but that is not entirely out of the norm here.I've decided I need to live somewhere where there is no time change, and the weather is constant, never higher than 24 degrees Celsius and never lower than -10 degrees Celsius. Of course to boot, somebody somewhere decided that we need to do this time change thing earlier this year and make it last longer....HUH??? I realize that it's an energy saver idea, but still!!! I wish I had the authority to just change time, I think I would add an extra few hours during the day and perhaps an extra day or two in the week! HA! Not gonna happen, yeah, I know.

Have a blessed Wednesday everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I LOVE your new picture! That is so adorable! How ARE you, anyway? I totally need to e-mail you!
Have a great day!