Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just decide already.....honestly speaking

That was me talking to myself yesterday. There were two awesome wraps up for grabs on TBW and I couldn't decide on which one. They were both in the colors that I love, they were both shorties (thinking this may help my Rucksack carry) Did I mention they were both in the colors I love?!?! Warm stripes, I don't know what it is with the warm stripes (I will own an Olaf or a Martin day!!) I love the Earthy Rainbows too.*sigh* So, I did what any rational wrap obsessed mama would do...I got BOTH of them. The Mama gave me an awesome deal. This way I'll try them out and see which one works the best and then sell the other (well, that's what I'm telling myself anyways!!LOL) I think I'm leaning towards getting a Kozy Carrier for my next and last Mei Tai for awhile. As tempted as I am to get the Quantico, I think I am leaning towards the Stoney Creek. But, that is a bit of time ahead and who knows what will pop up on TBW!!LOL BTW, I'm putting a permanent link to her site over in the Babywearing section, go check it out!!!

Well, Alyssa has her dentist appointment today. Her appointment is going to be about an hour and half, she needs to get a few fillings. Her teeth are so huge and crammed in there, it's virtually impossible to floss them correctly. She must get her Gargantua teeth from her Mama, I've been told that from every dentist I've ever seen. She's pretty nervous about her appointment as she's never had a filling before. She's pretty worried about the freezing again.
Alex goes tomorrow, although he's excited about his. He loves getting his teeth cleaned. Then I have to get Kayla and Robbie and Mariah in for a checkup. I'm really pleased with our new dentist, she's really nice.

Also on the agenda for today, a homeschool visit. Time for the kids to hand in their completed work!! Only less than a month left, I'm aiming for a completion date near the 15th or 18th of June, which is really not that far off!!

Oh, I added two pics to the flickr so you can see my Mei Tai and my Didy and of course Matthew all snuggled in them!

Well, time to go and change Matthew, who sounds as though he's left a present for me. I'm so sad, he's too big for the majority of my cloth diapers now..... They don't go around his chubby thighs all that well and leave red marks....they're alright for during the day when I can change him frequently, but not for over night or if I'm going out.

Have a blessed day!!

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