Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spinning around

That is exactly what I feel like I've doing the last few days, I've been so busy. Today will be no exception! A few people dropping by to pick up stuff either through Freecycle or buying, a person is coming from a hauling company to take away some garbage from the backyard, I have to take Mariah and Matthew to a checkup, zip home and throw some dinner together and THEN go grocery shopping with my mom! I think I will be wiped come tonight!!LOL

I was going to do school with the kids this morning, but usually when we have that many disruptions it becomes an uphill battle, so I won't even go there!! Their doing really good anyways, everyone is just finishing up their last modules and I am going through and picking out a few things that they need to do out of other units that may be left. Robbie could easily be done, but I will keep him doing little bits each day until our official LAST DAY!!! Then HELLOOOOOO summer holidays..ahhhhhh days at the lake, going for walks hitting the library. Maybe I'll be brave and hit the zoo!! We'll see about that one.

I think I've narrowed down my wrap/carriers loves, I really love my Ellaroo wrap, I thing it's 3.6m and I totally love the fringe on the ends!! It seems to be a little more narrower than others and I can throw Matthew into all kind of carrys with it. I'm trading my BabyHawk for a Baby Ball Overalls which I am so excited about because he carriers will be so much better for as they have the wrap like straps. I also have a nother carrier on it's way to me, but I'm beginnning to think it will give the same grief as the BabyHawk, and I'm waiting on two wraps. One is another super long one called Girasol. I decided to snag another long one to keep on hand for the winter, for the cross carrys (back and front). Plus, Girasols are like flannel and sooooo soft and snuggly, even more than Lars!! Then last but not least is my Gypsy Mama wrap on it's way, this one is light and airy and long too. I decided to get something for the spring/summer that I can do all the carrys with, but that is light and breathable. This one is called Freya and has beautiful Dragon Flies printed all over hit, it's a nice light greeny colour. Then if I sell my other carrier that has the narrow straps (it's called a Sachi) I think I will get one more Ball Baby Overalls or maybe a Napsack (another carrier with wide straps, but only on the part that goes over your shoulders)

I'm selling my Mountain Equipment CO-OP back carrier (GASP! I've never parted with that since we bought it when Alex was a baby!!!) and My other Snugli carrier (not my corduroy one, I'll never part with that!!!) It has been a total PITA selling stuff, the silly questions people ask..grrrrr....I've no problem answering peoples questions if they're serious, but these random ones...ugh! I don't have time to answer a million little nonsense questions!!LOL Oh well, I'm trying to raise funds to buy a new set of cloth diapers to beef up my supply, I only have about 9 that I can sort of use on Matthew and that is just not enough right now. I ordered some nice hemp liners and some more fleece liners from Amy and I ordered 1 of each of these other liners to try, to see which one I like best.

Well, I've chatted enough, time to get moving and get going on the day!!
Have a blessed Tuesday!!

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Nancy said...

Hello from a fellow Mom of 6, but I have 11 years on you. I turn 39 next week! Your children are really cute! Stop on by my blog and say hello. I just got an Ergo carrier and I think I like it. Have you ever tried one?