Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's August

My least favourite month of the year. I dread this month every year and at the same token, I look forward to it. It's my anniversary month, some good and some bad. The good parts are mine and Bill's anniversary, 11 years this year!!! It's also our anniversary since we began dating, 13 years this year!! It's also the anniversary of my father's suicide, which no matter how many years pass, is still so painful. I still go through the anger/sadness cycle, 12 years later.

He would've been 58 years old this month (it's his birthday on Aug.31st) and I know he would have LOVED being a grandpa. It's like that day only happened yesterday, I remember every single part of it. I guess I always will. He loved kids so very much and was a goofy kind of dad. He never got really angry, just always said there are consequences for every action. He took me to get my ears pierced for the first time when I was 4yrs old. He took me to a park almost everyday when I was little(in the spring summer). He took me for long rides on his motorcycle. He took me swimming every Thursday night, to the wave pool. he made me a swing in the tree in front of our house long ago. he taught me to ride my two wheeler and was there to congratulate me when I did it. So many memories, now I just find myself telling the kids these stories and I guess that is how I will keep him alive, through me and my memories.

Well, I have so much that I need to get done today and I haven't started. Bill still hasn't told me what my exact budget is for groceries, so I don't have my list complete yet(yes, I am in charge of the budget, but I had asked him how much he needed for the week....*sigh*). I have some laundry to get done, dishes to finish, a floor that needs vacuuming (with my broken vacuum, the belt snapped last night), sigh. Then my Mom will be here sometime near dinner and then we're off to get groceries...errrrrr...Vanilla Latte first!! then I will come home, put the groceries away and pack Bills lunch and get stuff ready for the food part for tomorrow at the lake. It's too bad that I need sleep, I would be so much more efficient if I could go without sleep!!

Hmmm, guess I am not going to get much accomplished while I sit here and talk about it, now am I?!?!
If I find out what my budget is soon enough, I will post a list in the food blog.
Have a blessed Thursday!!

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mommyof2galz said...

I am sorry about your dad, that must be very painful. Thanks for sharing your story. You seem to have some great memories with him too.