Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Freebie to Share

For those of you who appreciate a simpler way to life, you will love this! Perfect if you're new to a homestead way of life!
Homeschool Freebie of the Day

We are sick...again. This is our 10th illness since September..blech. I will say that although we've had many more illnesses than the previous year, I am noticing that the children and I are getting over them quicker. Where a typical cold used to last 7-10 days, we are now 5-8 days with only 1 or 2 being the really bad days as opposed to 3-4 days. What am I doing different? Well, we all take Echinecia drops everyday (1 drop per 5 pounds of weight is what I go by) and we all take pure vitamin C tablets, as well as ditching ALL kinds of antibacterial stuff. I also have been drinking a pure fruit/vegetable juice that has Acai berries in it and another that has Wheat Grass in it. I dream of the day when I own a juicer (I am saving up currently for one) and can make my own! I think one of the main things is changing our diets. Limiting (I haven't been successful at eliminating yet) all refined sugars and gross white flours. I am not being strict with this because I think that would be a major downfall here, not too mention Bill might have a meltdown!!lol I've just been slowly integrating little things into our diets. It's much easier for myself and the kids, but I have to be careful since we are on a food budget. I cannot be buying all natural organic stuff for the kids and I and then on top of that all the regular stuff that Bill likes.

I think it will be much easier once we have our own house and our garden, we are planning a 20'X20' garden area that will be fenced off. I am sooooo excited!! I am hoping that will be when I can order all our groceries from the organic delivery store or even hopefully have joined a food co-op(another dream!!)

I was daydreaming last night as Matthew drifted off to sleep at the breast of when we are living in our new house........It will be so much more energy efficient and will have all energy efficient lighting. The insulation is rated at R40(I think, does that make sense?!?! I'll have to double check with Alex or Bill) at any rate the house is sealed super tight! Energy efficient furnace and water heater, energy efficient appliances. I would like to get Bill to rig the washer and possible the main floor sink from the bathroom to drain it's gray water into a collection barrel outside to use to water the garden/lawn. I also had the fun little thought of if only I could talk Bill into a Composting toilet but he's not quite there Personally, I see nothing wrong with it and think it's perfect and would probably have the best garden around! Bill however, turned a pale shade of green when I told him how it works....guess he needs some work!!lol
It will just feel so much better living in a better, more efficient house.

well, today is cloth diaper washing day!! I can hardly wait until I can have all the tiny ones out again!! I wonder if Matthew will be potty trained by then? None of boys have ever been on the ball with it...we shall see!
Have a blessed day!

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