Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thinking of Going Organic......Here's the Lo Down

I, personally, do not need to be convinced of the goodness of organics. To me, it's just common sense really, I wouldn't eat pesticides/herbicides why would I eat food that has been bathed in it? Don't even get me started on GMO's!!! It's mind boggling at times and even downright confusing more times, but us as consumers really need to be conscientious about our buying habits and what we are putting in our bodies.
Of course cost is a HUGE factor, trust me I'm SO THERE with you, but remember, the more people who buy organic the more the price will come down. Yup, I wish a bit more quickly too!! Not to mention that it would be helpful if manufacturers would make JUMBO sized packages!!!lol By the time I buy enough crackers let's say, to feed my guy's I've paid a disgusting amount of money!!!!

Here's some more really good info:
12 things you don't have to buy organic

Have a blessed Saturday!!


noelle said...

I know Costco here has a lot of organic snacks in HUGE packages for sure.

The best thing for us has been to join our CSA and work there. We get lots of produce all summer long that is totally organic and FRESH. It's amazing. The kids have a great experience too. By working there and gleaning extras (like tomatoes that have cracks or zucchini that is too big) it is really cost effective too

Mama26blessings said...

Good to know about Costco...I will have to check that out...Bill got a card through his employer!

I totally wish we had a CSA closer, I'd join in a heartbeat! Our closest one is almost 3 hrs away......I think it's a fabulous idea and I really hope it expands here...and soon!!!