Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hurray!!!! It's *FINALLY* September!!!

Yeah, I'm little happy!! lol I wait all year for this time of year...September 1st until December 31st are my absolute favourite time!!
Hot chocolate, cinnamon buns, pumpkin pie, fresh bread baking, the leaves changing, the coolness in the air, warm fuzzy clothing....I could go on and on!!lol
I've switched my menus over to our fall/winter selection, I've switched out the clothing and have taken inventory on who needs what for the fall/winter. Thankfully, everyones winter jackets fit...just have to try the boots on everyone. Next on my list is the furnace filter and to clean out the windows/wash the curtains before it get's to cold. I think I will just pack up the curtains that are mine and put back up the rental ones (I HAD to have my Sunflowers in the kitchen and my sheers in the living room).

Bill went and registered me for the Used Toy and Clothing Sale...I have two tables again, especially since I am hoping to sell out my entire stock of all seasons worth of clothing. The sale is on the 20th of this month!! Whoohoo!!!

Here's a 24 week pic for ya'll!! I can't believe we're here already!!

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