Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mish Mash of Mush 'n' Muddle

I'm still working on the other blog, I was hoping to make the switch over there by the middle of this month, but of course as per the usual...that hasn't happened!lol

We have been just so busy lately. I have been cleaning out like crazy and have a donation pickup coming next week. Which is great, however that is a week away!!!lol My house is a disaster with bags and boxes everywhere! I was originally going to Freecycle it all, but honestly it is just too much and I don't have time to deal with people who can't be bothered to show up or whatever.

Anyhoo, onto to other happenings....
We had Kayla's birthday celebration on Sunday evening. She had requested that I make her cake and was very specific as to how it should be! I used vanilla pudding/custard mix for the center to cut down on the sweetness. I figured everyone would be on a food coloring rush and didn't need the added bonus of excess sugar too!!lol!! Here's the pic:

Kayla's 6th Birthday Cake

Speaking of food.....
Here's what was for breakfast yesterday:
Yummo!! Juice!
Refreshing and high in vitamin C...I also put some ginger and garlic in there as well!!
Here's what was for dinner:
Tuna casserole with a twist!! I made a yummy cheese sauce from scratch (I'm trying very hard to eliminate the fluorescent stuff from our diet) and mixed in tuna. We also grilled up asparagus, tomatoes, green and red peppers, and carrots. It was DELISH!!

Next up....
In my Babywearing group a gal posted this link all about babywearing in 1963. It was just so cool to see a glimpse of what it was like back then and that YES babywearing truly has been in North America for quite some time and is not something new!! :o)

Last on the list of updates...
The Used Toy and Clothing sale was on Saturday and it was good turnout!! I managed to sell a lot of outgrown stuff and stuff that just doesn't get worn. Now, with the money I made (well some of it...I *did* buy a carseat and a ton of baby BOY sleepers, two blow up beds for the little ones, and a few other things) and the money I am hoping to make from selling off a wrap, I will be getting some stuff for the boys who need some clothing and some winter stuff.

Oh and also for an update...
I have been on a mission to rid myself of chemicals and have been trying out more natural methods. So here's a list of what I've done thus far and then a list of what is next on the list.
-I've gone completely *NO POO* for myself and Matthew (and the baby will be too)!
I'm still trying to figure out the best method of keeping my ends from drying out.
I've started this in the past and then chickened out, but now I'm fully on board!
I found this over at
Crunchy Domestic Goddess it was the post that actually got me back on track!!
-No skin care products. I haven't ever been one to really use much on my face. I went through a Dove phase a couple years ago.....but, for the most part I never used much of anything because my skin would freak out. Now, I've found a method!
-baking soda scrub every few days...typically my hair wash day
-Honey Blemish Treatment on whatever little blemish rears it's ugly head
-Parsley rinse every few days
As a daily treatment...NOTHING!
-No toothpaste, just good 'ol baking soda, been doing that for awhile. The kids aren't too fond of it so I get them a fluoride free (much to my dentist's dismay..hehe)cinnamon paste
-No deodorant. I'm a lucky one and have never been a sweater and when I do, it rarely smells, so this is an easy one for me. If I am going out, I will use a chemical free deodorant (as do two of the kids who have obviously inherited their fathers perspiration) or a light dusting of baking soda!

in all honesty, baking soda is a lead star in this house now. I use it in laundry, cleaning, on my skin (you should try it and see just how beautifully soft your skin is after a Baking soda scrub!!!)...really, it can replace almost any chemical!
The lead supporter is vinegar, for cleaning and laundry it's top notch. Don't use it in your hair though.....only use Apple Cider Vinegar on your hair!!

So, baby steps!! It's such a long haul eliminating unnecessary stuff from your home, diet and life. Bill wants us to go even further and eliminate Made in China products....I haven't got that far yet on my list!!lol On the other hand, I am very excited to see him on board and showing interest!! He's still not quite ready to give up his deodorant or toothpaste and is thoroughly disgusted over my love affair with my juicer...but he's doing well! I just have to remember that this is a complete overhaul and it will all take time, some adjustments are easier and other's are more difficult.

I'm off to do a quick update at the Habitat blog and then I am off to get laundry going and hopefully make some newborn sized wool longies!! If anyone would like the recipes from above, leave a comment and I will post them!!!


Sandy Howell said...

Just stopped by to say hello! I was out surfing the www and bounced upon your blog. Thanks for sharing!!! Keep up the good work:) And best wishes with your new little bundle of love.
Hugs, Sandy

Anonymous said...

HI Penny,
Please post the recipe..looks yummy :) We're doing the less chemical thing too..my cloth diapers aren't getting as clean with our homemade soap vs. the tide we used to use..any ideas? ...God bless,
Renee (tok group)

Innocent Observer said...

What on earth is in that smoothie? My 12 yr old and I guessed:

A layer of oj
then orange peels
frothy egg whites


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The cake is awesome!

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