Friday, October 24, 2008

Freaky Friday

Okay not really, although switching places with my oldest wouldn't be such a bad idea.
Today is crazy, I am pulling from all of my internal resources and prayer. The children are SOOOOOOO grumpy...this is totally not like them. Yes, they fight and argue, but this has been non-stop since 7:42am! They have screamed, yelled, stomped, name it!
Hopefully things will come down a bit now...I told them all to snuggle up on the couch and order a movie...although I am certain there will be some rumbling over WHICH movie to order...oi!

Tonight I am going out with my Mom. It's her birthday today so I wanted to take her out for a coffee, but first I am going to hit Value Village. The kids would like something for Halloween and I want to scope out some wool and cotton and maybe a pair of maternity pants...since I've discovered that I have no pants!!!lol All I have are capri's!! I have two prs of cotton ones, but they no longer fit!!lol I've posted some stuff for sale on various sites in the hopes to be able to earn some paypal to buy the stuff I need...but the economy is so sad right now and then the exchange rate...ugh! It's awful!!!
I am selling and have sold all my wraps and carriers...(I have two for sale if you're interested!!!) I have sold and am selling cloth diapers (I have a beautiful Berry Plush diaper lot for sale!!) Bill is taking all my itty bitty baby boy stuff to the consignment on hopefully I get a bit back from there!
I am trying to make as much as much as possible, but my time frame is slipping away!!lol
So here's my TO GET FOR BABY LIST:(or rather, a wish list of stuff I *hope* to buy!!!lol)
-clothing (the extent of this list, I don't know...a friend of mine is passing down some of her little girls items...Have I mentioned my love of second hand things?!?!)
-I am hunting for an all cloth Diaper bag, preferably Mama made and girlie
-more wool sweaters for mitts, longies, breastpads etc...everything!!lol
-Aden & Anais swaddling blankies (saving up!!)
-Organic mattress pad for the baby's bed (saving up!!)
-Maruyama wrap (should be able to get her at the end of the month!!)
-more cloth pads for me
-Babylegs for baby
-wash cloths (I was going to make these, but this turned out to be too time consuming without owning a serger)
-a couple receiving blankets
-herbs for labour and postpartum
-Emergen-C vitamin stuff (for labour and PP)
-1-2 prs of good mat jeans for me (brrrr, it's getting colder around here...capri's don't quite fit the bill!!)
-2-4 more Kissaluvs or AMP's in NB size, but will see.

This list is just some random thoughts.......we'll just have to see what I can come up with!! some I have already got and am awaiting to arrive!!!
I will post pics and stuff when they arrive as well as links to where I got it!!

Well, I'm off to post a long overdue update in the Habitat blog!!!
If any of you Mama's are interested in seeing pics and knowing prices...send me a line!! I accept funded paypal only, but all my prices include shipping (to USA and Canadian addresses only) and all prices are USD if you're in the US and CAD if you're here in Canada!! If you're on my Flickr, you can see pics there!!
email me at:
mama26blessingsATyahooDOTca (changing the DOT and AT to the symbols!!)


Misty said...

How about that for a cool diaper bag? I am so excited for you! YAY.

Kelly said...

Hey Penny! Congrats on the early but safe arrival of Breanna! I hope all is going well. See you soon.


Sandra said...

Penny and family, I am sooo happy that little Miss Breanna has arrived safe although a little early. I am praying for her and I know God will make her strong enough to be home in no time with her mommy and daddy and all of her big brothers and sisters. I know they are just thrilled.
Blessings and Hugs! How are YOU doing?