Saturday, January 10, 2009


Happy Saturday my fellow cyber posse!!
Things are going wonderful! I hope everyone had a great New Year and is all geared up for a brand new year!!
This is the first year I didn't make any resolutions..per se. I do have some goals that I would like to accomplish in the next year though!
We have so much going on right please excuse the bullet point updates!

Everyone is doing good...the Il's, SIL's and us too. SIL is now engaged (Bills sister) to a great guy, so we're very happy for them. They are planning for a wedding in 2010 in the summer. MIL is doing good and has been feeling good as well. My Mama is doing great and and praise the Lord, we are approaching 3yrs sobriety!! I am so very proud of her! My sister is doing really good, they moved back to the city!! Henri is doing great and growing like crazy.....hopefully we'll all be able to see each other in the new year!!
We as a family have been doing really good, everyone is so happy to have Breanna home safe and sound and not have Mama trudging to the hospital every night. We have been really enjoying being an unschooling family......plenty of life lessons the past few months!

This is one tough cookie, let me tell you! As I said before, she is breastfeeding exclusively after only had the opportunity to nurse a handful of times given the amount of time she was NPO (no food by mouth). This was achieved by my going on a dairy/casein free diet. There is a story that goes along with that and when I have a longer time at the computer I will share it with you...because like the majority of the stories from that experience, they are long! Breanna has a severe allergy to both and hopefully she'll outgrow it, but for now, this is how it is.
She is a doll, but very outspoken! If she is not happy she will yell until it is fixed...which is typically just a feeding or a bum change! She HATES to have anything on her head or her face and will scream if this happens, she also does not like to have her hands/arms restrained in any way (no swaddling!!) she does however, LOVE the wrap! She would happily spend the entire day there and has done so!!
mama and baby
*Breanna all wrapped up in Elsa *10wks old*

Breanna *10wks6d*
*Breanna 10wks old with her beloved suckie from the hospital*

Breanna *10wks6d*
*Breanna 10wks old....finally her eyelashes have darkened a bit!!*

She is just so precious and I thank the Lord for her....I thought for sure when I saw the blood that frightful night, that I was losing my baby girl.

***ETA: This was from last Saturday!!lol***I had intentions on coming back and writing more, but alas, it did not happen that way! But I'll post it anyways!


Kelly said...

Awww, she is so beautiful! And looks like she is getting big! You look amazing too!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful baby, Penny!! I can't wait to meet her in person!