Friday, May 30, 2008


Soooo happy it's Friday!

This week has been a busy one, well for us anyways!!lol My dentist appointment went really well. I got the bridge removed and we discovered that while the two canine teeth are basically gone, we can at least restore them with crowns and posts!! Praise the Lord!! It would not have been good if we would've had to yank them.
We also discovered that my one canine was severly infected, when she was testing it's strength, it kind of exploded with pus! (sorry, I know TMI) She was shocked and asked what kind of pain I had been in. I said, well it's always hurt so it's hard to tell. She said with that much infection, she was surprised I wasn't in a lot of pain! She than said that I have an incredible pain threshold, which is funny because I have always thought of myself as a wimp!!lol
So, anyways now we at least know what we're dealing with and we have a plan! Right now I have a temporary bridge that they kind of threw together in the office. In about a month I will go back and get that one tooth a root canal and take molds, then begin putting posts on the other teeth that will eventually have the crowns then they will put the temporary bridge on again. About a month after that, we well
put the crowns on and I will have my temporary 'Flipper' (basically an acrylic denture that clips onto the molars)!!! Hurray!!!! After baby is born, we will get another impression and I will have a permanent denture made whoohoo!!!!!

The most wonderful thing about all of this, we won't have to pay a dime for any of this!!!! That is how awesome Bill's benefits are. When Bill double checked with his boss about the max amounts and stuff, he said the max was super high and if for some reason we hit that max, the insurance company ill call him and he will waive it!!!
Can you believe that?!!? I swear I could just squeeze that man!!! I am soooooooo thankful Bill works for this company, not just because of the benefits, but because they are such SUPER kind, loving family type people! Truly amazing and almost un-heard of in this day and age!

Last night we had a Birthday celebration for Mariah who turned 4 on the 22nd! I cannot believe she's 4 years old!!! Sometimes I wish time would just slow down a bit, just so I could savour each and every second a bit longer.
There are pics in the Flickr.

Tonight it's groceries. I'm trying something different. I think I'm just going to get boxed things at Superstore (because they carry case lot sized stuff and it's the cheapest) but then I am going to go somewhere else and get my meat and produce there. The produce has been absolutely NASTY at Superstore and the meat is either not there or has holes poked in it! The lettuce last time was brown and warm, the potatoes smelled so bad and were mushy. The carrots were all dried out and warm. Blech!

Then the rest of the weekend is laundry focused! I have to get as much done as I possible can because I want to start packing for our holidays!! Hurray!!

Next Thursday I am going to go get my hair cut again. I was going to grow it out again, but then I thought being pregnant and the summer....short hair will be nice! I think I am going to have the length kept on the hair that frames my face and have it cut really short at the back, almost spiky. I guess a lot like Kate Gosselin lol! I'm pretty excited!!

We cleaned out our homeschool shelves. I think we had one of the best years ever. I feel like we accomplished so much, even though we don't have an actual large amount of written work. We had some really awesome conversations this year and had lot's of fun researching things. Robbie is getting so good with his reading now and loves to read books to Kayla and Mariah. I love how the buddy system works! Alex used to read to Alyssa, then Alyssa read to Robbie, now Robbie is reading to Kayla and Mariah, I don't think it will take Kayla very long to pick up reading, I figure by Christmas she'll be reading her short little books. A website that we found to be quite helpful is Starfall I love how it keeps things fun and yet educational. You can also print off books to read along with. But, be forewarned...the catchy little tunes will get stuck in your head!!lol

Something really neat has also happened since we transitioned over to unschool, it never ends!! I was thinking that as we were packing up stuff to go back to our school board. Really, our school year isn't over since we are always learning! We won't be changing much around here, I'll still answer questions and we will still search out answers. Really cool if you ask me! Our house has been sooo smooth and happy since we switched, the kids have fell in love with learning again, they are doing art constantly. I'm so happy that I am able to do this for them. It works for us and it's been a tremendous blessing to us.

Actually, when it all comes down to it, this year has been filled with blessings for us. Absolutely wonderful things have been happening and I thank the Lord daily for them. He has done wonderful things in our lives and I just can't help smiling!
I never thought we would be here. I prayed daily and never lost faith. I never want to forget where we've been though and what we went through. I believe those were crucial lessons for us from the Lord. I know the biggest lesson I learned was being happy and feeling blessed with what you have. The other biggest lesson was trusting the Lord with everything and following His lead. Even at times I felt angry and frustrated, I had to step back and say "Ok, I must trust the Lord and His plans for us" But, wow! It was so hard at times. Patience is another. Just because I want something right now, doesn't mean I NEED it right now or if at all.

Well, I suppose I really should get my butt off of here and get my list/menus together!!
Have a blessed weekend!! Hopefully it's sunny and warm where you are! :o)

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Kristin said...

It sounds like a GREAT school year -- a lot of learning and growing for all. You are also super-lucky to have great dental insurance. Hardly anyone has it in my town. Less and less companies seem to offer it.