Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Do you love it or hate it?
Is your relationship with your money a healthy one? Do you know what a healthy financial relationship IS???

Like a lot of Mama's, I am in charge of the finances and believe that it is my job as a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) to be smart with the money that comes in and be a good steward with it. I take my job very seriously and feel a great sense of trust that my my husband has entrusted me with this job. I'm not an expert..by ANY stretch! I make mistakes and so does hubby...we're still learning!
What I have learned, especially as money becomes more and more scarce and times are getting a bit harder, is to have a healthy relationship with our money. Money needs love and nurturing just as any other family member, it needs tending and understanding. Don't hate it and don't obsess over it, either one is going to cause more pain than necessary. Be thankful for what you have...I'm very serious about this one!! Look around your house and be thankful for each and everything you have.

Don't try to spend more than what you have, this will eat you alive. Credit cards and debt will devour your soul...i know this sounds crazy but it's true. If you have racked up your credit cards it keeps you awake at night!! If the Lord has provided you with an income, LIVE WITHIN THAT INCOME!!!
It might mean that you cannot have certain things...or better yet, you must save for those items.

Realize your WANTS and NEEDS and be honest. This is tough, we live in a society that is constantly bombarding us with media that tells we NEED this or that. It's simply not true. We NEED food, we NEED clothing and shelter. What kinds of items fulfill these needs is where it gets murky. Do we NEED designer clothing? Do we NEED big fancy houses? Only you can decide, but I urge you do think long and hard about it...you'll be surprised!

Find joy and happiness in your friends and family, in the end, they're the ones who'll really matter. You're far richer in the time you invest than the money you generate!!!

Look at your current finances and decide if you're living above and beyond what you can afford, if you are, then it's time to make changes. You'll feel so much better emotionally and physically. It's tough at first, but after awhile, it really becomes second nature and you will just feel so much better!!
There are many resources available to help you and some of them are even free!
Find what works for you!
For us living without credit cards has been difficult at times (only because of stupid stores who REQUIRE them as proof of identity...like Blockbuster!) but for the most part, it's been a huge relief!! If we need something, we save...sometimes it takes all year!! But it's worth it. I've noticed we have a much higher appreciation for the item after we've worked hard to save up for it, rather than stressed and worked hard to PAY IT OFF. KWIM?!?

Just some random thoughts for you on this Tuesday morning!!
Be blessed!!!
Other Random Thoughts
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