Thursday, August 28, 2008


ok, so many of my Canadian readers are already well aware of the massive meat recall going on right now. Some of the meat has been tested and has resulted in testing positive for Listeriosis Maple Leaf Foods has expanded the recall to include the majority of it's deli/sandwich meat as a safety precaution.

All of the meat in my fridge was recalled (I used Bologna, Ham and Turkey breast in Bill's lunches). In a strange coincidence, I had already been in the process of revamping our eating habits to reflect a healthier approach to our diet....cutting out processed meats was next on the list!!
Yes, we did consume some of the meat before we knew it was recalled, I am trusting the Lord completely that he will keep us healthy and safe...especially this little bean in my tummy. No one has exhibited any symptoms of any kind, so I am praying.

So, I got a major shove into creating better lunches, mostly for Bill. Thankfully he enjoys other types of sandwiches. Our new food list NO-NO's are:
*NO processed sandwich meat of any kind
*NO hot dogs (we only ate these about once every month or so)
*NO pizza meat or pepperoni sticks (homemade jerky as soon as I can get my hands on a food dehydrator!!)
My goal of no processed foods has been pushed into full gear, my challenge is going to be to buy and prepare as much of our food as possible. We had already been on our way in this direction, but now it's in full force.
It means a lot more work on my part for some things, but in all honesty the health and well being of my family is worth every bit of it. I am positive that with time, these changes will become second nature just as the other changes have.
I REALLY wish Bill could start hunting again (ethically and legally for all my vegan, animal lovers) One deer or elk lasts us all year and supplies all of our meat and oh my stars do I miss venison!!!YUMMO!! Unfortunately, back when we were in serious financial crisis (when Bill had hurt is back and was unable to work or do anything) he sold his stuff....I wish we could've hung onto his gear. *sigh*

Well, time to get back to the day. We received all of our homeschool stuff yesterday so we've been busy organizing!! I'll post tomorrow with some pics of all our goodies, as well as an update from my doctors appointment tomorrow. got to go grocery shopping tomorrow night as well. Then it's the LONG weekend...WHOOHOO and we are in SEPTEMBER!!! Yipppeeee!!!

Have a blessed Thursday!!

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